Groundwater Markets

What If You And Your Neighbors Could Replenish Your Depleted Basin?

With AquaShares, You Can. It’s as Easy as 1-2-3.

Inclusive Design
Build trust and consensus to achieve local goals using our proven, transparent market design process.
Streamlined Allocation
Reduce conflict and save money and time using our streamlined allocation service.
Market Operation
Align well owner & GSA interests and trade water credits for flexibility using our web platform service.

A plan that curtails groundwater use will win broad support if well owners simultaneously discover their agency is exploring a water market that allocates each of them a valuable asset (i.e. permanent share of basin) and allows trading to maximize business flexibility.

We’ve Seen This Many Times Before.


We leverage 10,000 years of perspective resolving ‘tragedies of the commons’ faced throughout human history. The most durable outcomes emerge when people are empowered to manage themselves. 

AquaShares has developed a proven solution: self-organized cap-and-trade conservation markets. Our modern approach to groundwater adapts ‘catch share’ programs, where fishermen self-organize markets that restore more fish in the sea, more food on the plate, more local prosperity.

We integrate four key principles into our markets:

Participant-Established Rules

Clearly Defined Share Allocations


Strong Accountability


Voluntary Local Credit Trading


Our Offer: 10,000 Years in the Making.


AquaShares offers market design and conflict-free allocation services to ensure your neighbors and basin agency follow a proven, successful path to define a local cap-and-trade market.

AquaShares provides agencies a web/mobile platform as a service, the AquaShares Water Resiliency Catalyst Platform™, to simplify management of the market and deliver secure, private web portals for participants.

AquaShares de-risks agency roll-out plans by operating a voluntary training market for interested well owners before mandating participation when financial transactions start.

Customer Testimonials.


Don’t take our word for it. See what existing AquaShares groundwater customers say about our approach and markets.

“AquaShares should help the aquifer become sustainable and allow local resources to be used efficiently.” – California water district manager
“An AquaShares market should create incentives for the sustainable use of groundwater.” – California landlord and private well owner
“The GSA may be creating the plan, but it’s clear now that this market is really ‘operationalizing’ it.” – California ecologist and environmental advocate
“An AquaShares market should get actors to play together in support of sustainable groundwater use.” – California resident, renting his home
“Fortunately, Sonoma Valley well owners have a fantastic opportunity to get out in front of rules that will be imposed on them by the new Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA). They can participate in a unique, voluntary ‘cap-and-trade’ groundwater program that is just now being established here by AquaShares.” – California Realtor

Ready to Engage?


California’s savvy well owners and groundwater agency leaders can set up an AquaShares demonstration market now, start generating data and experience, and lay the foundations of a robust, flexible and broadly supported sustainability plan. If you live in an area with an active market, enter your market code here.

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AquaShares® is now available in Sonoma County.