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What If You Could Unlock Resilience through Water Meters?

With AquaShares, You Can. It’s as Easy as 1-2-3.

Build community trust in utility goals through our transparent market design process.
Define equitable shares of metered water-saving credits through our proven allocation system.
Create voluntary market incentives to align private interest with public targets to replenish.

To achieve resilience, families and firms can sell the water they save, replacing painful forced rations and rate hikes with healthy voluntary incentives.

We’ve Seen This Many Times Before.


AquaShares draws from traditional peer-to-peer community exchanges – proven over time, around the world – scaled through our secure online exchange. So what Uber is to your car and AirBnB is to your guestroom, AquaShares can be to your metered water use.

Compared to water utility conservation programs like appliance rebates and lawn removal, direct rewards work well and fast. With AquaShares, you can change behavior by giving your customers a clearly defined ownership stake to decide what their water is worth.

Earn AquaCredits When You Save

Discover Best Ways to Save Water

Compare Your Savings to Others Like You

Value Your Credits: Own, Sell, or Donate

Customer Testimonials.


Don’t take our word for it.  See what existing AquaShares municipal water utility customers (from California to Morocco) say about our approach and markets.

“A unique solution to the challenge of “drought fatigue” – Association of California Water Agencies

“VOMWD has always tried to be innovative, while maintaining its frugality. (AquaShares) is just another benefit we are providing our customers to help preserve our precious resource, water.” – John Foreman, Board President, Valley of the Moon Water District

“For Marrakesh and other cities, AquaShares offers a beautiful, elegant and equitable solution to urban water stress and scarcity in our country.” – Yasser Biaz, Morocco

Ready to Engage?


Forward-looking water utility leaders can set up an AquaShares demonstration market now, start generating data and experience, and lay the foundations of a robust, flexible and broadly supported deployment plan. If you live in an area with an active market, enter your market code here.

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It's your water. Decide what it's good for.

AquaShares® is now available in Sonoma County.