How Local Markets Replenish Our Most Priceless Resource

In the heart of Silicon Valley, a TEDx event organized at Santa Clara University focused on the theme of “Mythos.”

When we think about our past, the identities of our different cultures, and  the legacies we leave—we realize they are all accomplished through one act: storytelling. Mythos is about just that: stories, themes, recurring patterns, the fabric of our humanity.

Myths traverse the line between fantasy and reality… and stories still serve a distinct purpose for us. They ponder the fear of the unknown, ask questions about the trajectory of society, and most importantly—spread ideas that can begin new narratives. 

AquaShares was called on to connect true stories of local resilience to our own state of troubled waters, and how lessons of self-organized communities can be scaled up through 21st century technology to slow, stop and reverse depletion of water.
In this 18 minute TED talk, Workman connected the dots for a wide, diverse, live and televised audience.  
Step by step he leveraged ancient ways and timeless lessons from traditional societies all over the world, and showed how adapting their system could to offer new hope for an increasingly crowded, hot, dry and thirsty world.